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    *****8822 Babbitt ★★★★★ 2020/10/28

    It's a great thing to go home and give my mom an eyebrow first. Haha Meimei


    *****4788 Vicky ★★★★★ 2020/10/28

    Very easy to use I used the eyebrow stroke and filled with eyebrow powder to fill the eyebrow tail super simple satisfaction


    *****8489 Tomas ★★★★★ 2020/10/28

    finally bought the long-awaited good things, I use to worry about drawing my eyebrows everyday, always late for work, this is finally convenient, just stick it to my face and draw


    *****8188 Ana ★★★★★ 2020/10/28

    Very good to use,i no longer have to worry about using my hand ,its very convenient!I’m satisfied with Drawing the eyebrows


    *****8457 Clement ★★★★★ 2020/10/28

    just received the goods, very good use and very convenient can not draw eyebrows lazy Oracle, haha very good satisfaction who invented this thing really good


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