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  • 【Flash Sale】Strong hook(a set of 32)!!!【Original price ₱1980】【Crazy bargain price only ₱ 990】【official goods】 Value for money!Over 100,000 of sales per month! Snapping up is welcomed!

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    015***1454 Zawin WIh ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    Particularly easy to use, can use to hang wok and small board, especially strong! It is not easy to buy such a good product on the market.

    016***5822 Xiao loron ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    The quality of the product is nice, the packaging box protection is very good, and the value is economy. This hook is super nice, it feels a lot better than the normal one.

    011***4788 Victory ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    The hook will not fall off, can bear very high strength and the packaging is also good looking. This time seriously took a few pictures recommended, these cheap price also received with gifts, really a conscience seller.


    60****0188 Alice ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    This hook is really easy to use. It's the fourth time I've bought it. After pasted, the kitchen is not messy. It's not easy to stick it down. It's secure!


    018***6455 EHAOUEA TIN ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    The attitude of the seller is very good. It is important that the product is very strong, viscose really sucker, double protection! You can't go down with your hand.

    019***8489 Rom binti ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    Just received, waterproof and not easily fall off, the bathroom is no problem, the more sticky the longer and the more secure!


    013***9769 Siti Btu ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    It is really easy to use and easy to hang anything. My friend also wants me  to buy.

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