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  • 【Flash Sale】Wireless Doorbell remote control!!!【Original price ₱2700】【Crazy bargain price only ₱ 1350】【official goods】 Value for money!Over 100,000 of sales per month! Snapping up is welcomed!

    Out of stock:One to two: 2 doorbell host +1 button

    The latest reviews

    019***5373 Isabella ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    I would like to recommend this product! The installation is very easy and tested after installation, the sound is very loud, 

    012***1560 Sophia ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    Kualiti loceng ni sangat baik, banyak lagu boleh dipilih. Signal dapat diterima dengan baik walaupun dua bilik halang di tengah, memang praktikal!

    015***2891 Lim ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    I have installed the doorbell in both my new and old house, so that the visitors do not have to knock on the door. Can hear the ring clearly after installed.

    018****2558 Kaur ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    Really unexpected! very good! The style is simple and elegant, the sound is crisp, and the feel is better. There are stickers sent with the doorbell, really too intimate! Sticking to the door, there is no insensitive response!

    019***5669 Ana ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    The previously used wired doorbell was broken. My husband knocked for a long time outside the door when I am cooking, so he thought of buying a wireless doorbell. This product could be used immediately after power-on and there are a variety of songs can be selected. I have purchased one in the living room and kitchen, and can be heard anyway. 

    017***1119 Aoral ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    The soundproof effect of the bedroom is so good that the knock on the outside cannot be heard. It feels good after using this doorbell, and it is easy to install. The signal can pass through the security door and the wall the smallest level of sound. It is suitable for those houses who have elderly.

    011****1565 Ella ★★★★★ 2020/05/26

    Gaya dan kualiti yang bagus. Ni dibeli khas untuk nenek di rumah. Nenek memang berpuas hati dan tidak perlu lagi buka pintu untuk tunggu saje.

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